Writing Submissions

We’d love for you to write for us.

My goal here is to get you thinking: "If I was going to write for Supermaker, what might I write about?"

At the core of Supermaker, we aim to redefine the bottom line by doing two things: 1) celebrating diverse, independent brands, and 2) starting conversations that promote better businesses and workplaces. Our writers cover the good and bad of business, and shine a spotlight on the people behind the progressive brands of our era. Here are some of the topics we cover.

There are no hard rules when it comes to writing for Supermaker, but we encourage approaches that inspire confidence for our readers when navigating their own careers and businesses, and empower them to take positive actions. We don’t back away from topics like mental health, intersectionality, or social justice, and some of our best work relies on approachable and informative journalism that fosters self-reflection. It may help to think of yourself as both a journalist, and a conversation starter.

Don’t hold back. We love big, crazy ideas that other media companies won’t risk getting behind. We like understated, actionable ones too. And we believe in the power of Supermaker as a platform to drive change.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Chris Cantino

    Supermaker Co-founder

Pitch Guidelines

Inspired? Email submissions@supermaker.com with the below information. We read every submission we receive, and Supermaker is always looking for thoughtful content in the pursuit of our greater mission to promote better businesses and workplaces.

Suggested headline(s): Thinking about pieces in headlines helps envision how the piece might fit into our larger editorial context.

Content/thesis: 1-3 sentences explaining the work you hope to publish.

Approach: How you will support your thesis. Here’s where you add if this will this be a reported piece, personal narrative, SEO-driven; who will participate in the story; etc.

Clips and links: Examples of and links to your work and personal website, if available.

Art submissions? Email rick@supermaker.com.

General submissions

What else should we cover?

Have a story, brand, or idea you'd love to see us cover? Just email ideas@supermaker.com.

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