April 28, 2020

Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms

From market stand to global brand.

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If you have an idea, follow Schmidt’s playbook.

Jaime Schmidt is the quintessential maker-made-good.

Jaime’s story of founding Schmidt’s from her kitchen and growing it into a global brand is one for the ages.

Paul Polman

About the Book

Jaime Schmidt started out making natural products in her kitchen, and in short time, grew her brand into 30,000+ stores and sold it in a nine-figure acquisition.

Suffice to say, she's got quite the story to tell. Not only about how she did it, but all the unbelievable twists and turns along the way that threatened to sink her business.

Through unfiltered storytelling and instructive takeaways learned during her growth from maker to magnate, Supermaker shares Jaime's secrets to financial success, marketing, operations, sales growth, product development, PR, partnerships, and customer engagement.

Following Jaime from kitchen to acquisition, Supermaker is a riveting mix of inspiration, the honest airing of mistakes, and indispensable instruction.

About the Author

Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt is the quintessential maker-made-good.

Having led Schmidt's Naturals to sales in over 30 countries and stores like Target, Costco, CVS, and Whole Foods, Jaime continues to support the brand’s expansion and partnerships with the likes of Jane Goodall and Justin Bieber.

Jaime and her husband Chris Cantino are also the founders of Supermaker, an inclusive media company built for makers, startups, and creators. The two are also the founders of Color, an investment fund that supports entrepreneurs largely excluded from the venture financing system.

Jaime has been recognized twice by Goldman Sachs' 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs awards, Inc.’s Female Founders 100, Ernst & Young's Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year, the Create & Cultivate 100, and is an inaugural mentor of the Inc. Founders Project.

For PR inquiries, please contact press@supermaker.com.

A podcast for crafting business on your own terms.

Featuring real talk from business leaders and creatives sharing hard-sought wisdom and indispensable advice.

Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms serves as a guidebook for those hoping to scale into a financially successful business.

But to get there, Jaime received advice from hundreds of experts along the way.

Supermaker Radio features guests that represent thought leadership across an array of industries: retail, tech, beauty, venture capital, food and bev, DTC, and consumer packaged goods.

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