Grow Your Own Way
November 16, 2019 — Portland, OR — 2pm-6pm
A series of Supermaker events kicking off in Portland, OR.
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Achieve success on your own terms.

Grow Your Own Way kicks off November 16, 2019 in Portland, OR.

The inaugural seminar will feature an afternoon of panel discussions including founders and CEOs of brands from NYC to PDX, and experiential creative activities led by local artists.

Themes will focus on 1) channeling your center—your core, intuitive energy as an entrepreneur and creative—and 2) learning to rise above adversity so you can achieve success on your own terms and build impactful brands.

Hosted in the lovely new building with views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland, programming will be followed by a community networking reception, with complimentary low-proof drinks and a surprise creative experience for all attendees.

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Featured Speakers


Doors Open

Get in early, grab some tea and pastries. You’ll have time to mingle, if you want.

Opening Ceremony

Invoking the spirit of our event with Soft World Rising's Kady Monroe, plus an announcement and declaration by Supermaker founders Jaime Schmidt and Chris Cantino.

Panel: Embracing Intuition and the Power of Self

Knowing when and how to shut out the noise, channel your core energy and grow your own way. Featuring Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Emily Katz, Yvonne Perez Emerson, and Anja Charbonneau. Moderated by Anthony Ware.

Intermission: An Experiential Creative Growth Activity

Connect with community through an interactive creative activity led by experimental florist Manu Torres.

Panel: Achieving Success on Your Own Terms

Overcoming adversity and building impactful brands. Featuring Jelani Memory, Lynn Le, Britt Howard, and Naj Austin. Moderated by Jaime Schmidt.

Closing Ceremony + Cocktail Hour (and a half)

Live music, networking, and low-proof drinks. Festive!

Location & Venue


3303 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR, 97227



Embrace the Power of Self.

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