Beneficiaries of the $100k grant fund and mentorship cohort

Entrepreneurial Dream Project Winners Announced

Get to know the recipients of Supermaker's Entrepreneurial Dream Project, a $100k grant fund and mentorship program supporting new businesses during COVID-19.

The Entrepreneurial Dream Project is a $100,000 non-dilutive grant fund and mentorship program benefiting new businesses that are building during COVID-19.

With small businesses under threat, and ambitions waning in the face of pandemic and mounting downturn, the Entrepreneurial Dream Project provides for those building in the face of adversity.

Recipients will receive non-dilutive capital and coaching from the Supermaker Mentor Network, a dream team of 50 business leaders from Mark Cuban to Rebecca Minkoff, with representation from companies including Unilever, Adidas, Harry's, and many more.

And now, the recipients.

Renee King; FundBlackFounders


FundBlackFounders is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform and funding ecosystem for Black-Owned small businesses and startups.

FundBlackFounders is a recipient of $50,000 in non-dilutive funding via Supermaker's Entrepreneurial Dream Project.

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Philomina Kane; KIN Haircare

KIN Haircare

KIN Haircare is a Black woman-owned business revolutionizing hair care with protective headwear and inclusive products.

KIN Haircare is a recipient of $50,000 in non-dilutive funding via Supermaker's Entrepreneurial Dream Project.

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Vanessa Pham, Kim Pham; Omsom


Omsom brings proud, loud Asian flavors to your fingertips any day of the week, sitting in your pantry right between the tomato sauce and olive oil.

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Regina Trillo; Nemi Holisticks

Nemi Holisticks

Nemi Holisticks are delicious, crunchy, plant-based sticks made from nopales (the prickly pear paddle) and amaranth seeds in Mexican-inspired flavors.

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Krystal Persaud; Grouphug Solar

Grouphug Solar

Grouphug Solar makes ridiculously good looking solar panels that are easy to use, because renewable energy shouldn't be so complicated.

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Derrick Reyes; Queerly Health

Queerly Health

Queerly Health leverages digital and concierge health to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ+ community and safe, comprehensive, and LGBTQ+ affirming health and wellness practitioners.

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Rohan Gilkes; is a CRM for small businesses and startups providing customer support by phone, text, email, and chat.

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Hayley Leibson, Vera Kutsenko; Neverland


Neverland is a modern plant company powered by technology and community on a mission to connect people with nature to improve overall well-being.

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Priyanka Ganjoo; Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi Beauty is a beauty brand that aims to revolutionize South Asian beauty standards and create a movement to reclaim our beauty with fun, approachable essentials.

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Rossella Laeng, Katie Tandy, July Westhale; PULP Magazine

PULP Magazine

PULP magazine is a multimedia sex/uality, reproductive rights, and all things body publication and the home of PULP Public School, an online education arm comprised of writers, artists, activists and educators.

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What's next?

Supermaker will begin pairing founders to the Supermaker Mentor Network, and meetings will begin over the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we follow along with these inspiring founders and mentors as they work together to grow new businesses.

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