Bridging mental health from offline to online

Connected by Storytelling: Larissa May of #HalfTheStory

“We know social media is not going anywhere, so it's really about creating boundaries so that you have more time to not only connect with your friends but to also connect with yourself."

Social media has forever changed the act and art of modern connection.

Its ability to enable both immediate access and feedback has embedded a societal shift in the way we discover and take ownership of our stories online. Through our devices, we bear witness to hyper-curated versions of what we assume to be the complete picture of modern life. But with all of the current challenges that are clouding our ability to decipher truth from deceit, I know that I'm not alone in subscribing to the notion of "I'll believe it when I see it."

Larissa May of #HalfTheStory is someone who is also no stranger to this idea. She's one of those people whose presence you can feel before you even see them in the flesh. Her laugh is infectious, her style is unforgettable, and her energy—whether displayed online or offline—is palpable. So when you do finally see Larissa in her element, you realize that she's someone not to be ignored because her ambition alone is something to believe in.