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Social Media Manager

(You'd be in charge of posting and building community for our social accounts.)

Here's what the job's about.

Supermaker is all about cultivating a community that celebrates diverse, independent brands and modern workplace thinking. As a freshly launched media company, we are taking steps now to grow that community both online and offline—through journalism, events, and shared experiences.

Our ideal Social Media Manager is deeply relationship-based, has experience growing influential accounts, and is confident in communicating openly, demonstrating vocal leadership on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more. We're looking for someone willing to proudly represent the brand as an individual—not only as an employee—and to actively join in content creation and scheduling, strategy, and facilitating discussions as they strive to grow our community and impact through direct relationship building.

By the way, you would work remotely, and we're open to full or part-time work.

Let's get to know you.

Who are you? What are you about? Why do you think you could be the right person for this job?

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