Celebrate Pride Month With These 13 Pride Shirts That Are Actually Cute

Pride parades might be canceled this year, but you can still represent your gay pride.

LGBTQIA+ Pride parades are like Christmas, your birthday, and the Fourth of July rolled into one and doused in glitter. And this Pride, you really shouldn’t be expecting them.

While it’s a huge bummer that pride parades, like so many fun summer traditions, have fallen victim to COVID-19, it’s uplifting that we’ve all moved on from learning how to bake banana bread to learning how to defund the police (as a step on the road to abolition, of course).

And here’s some other okay (?) news, honey: you may be able to cancel a parade, but you can’t cancel Pride—or the revolution! Now more than ever we’ve all had to figure out alternative ways to come together to celebrate milestones, and Pride Month is no exception. Still, the visual symbols of Pride Month are more important than ever, and you can show your pride by wearing it.

Since its debut at the San Francisco Pride Parade in 1978, the rainbow flag has become a nearly ubiquitous symbol of the fabulousness, strength, and fierceness of the LGBTQ+ community.

But maybe you’ve never been big on Pride shirts and gear. These days, you can find that pride rainbow, once a grassroots emblem, slapped on just about everything and for sale just about everywhere. It’s ... not always cute. Sometimes it's downright ugly. And big corporations routinely invoke Pride Month and the Pride flag in a cynical effort to improve their brands.

So if you haven’t embraced the rainbow, we understand—and we’re here to help. To help you show your Pride Month spirit while you social distance and support indie businesses, we’ve scoured Etsy’s finest Pride gear and found 13 Pride shirts that are actually cute. Some sport the rainbow, but we’ve also included a few (more and less) subtle alternatives. Most come in various options (as sweatshirts, tank tops, etc.) and colors, and most come in sizes up to a unisex 2XL or 3XL. Please enjoy perusing below.

1. May the Pride Be With You (up to 3XL), $18-25 | GorillaRex

Pride Month is all about celebrating who we are, so you may as well show off your resplendent nerdery, too.

2. Sounds gay, I’m in (up to 2XL), $17-19 | MateeShop

The perfect shirt to wear while singing your favorite Keith Urban song at virtual karaoke.

3. Bisexual Pride (up to 3X), $15.44 | ShopIntaglio

You know about the rainbow flog, but there are plenty more Pride flags where that came from, and they celebrate the entire spectrum of sexual and gender identities. This shirt reps the colors of the bisexual pride flag, but in a cool, sort of abstract way.

4. Vintage pride rainbow ringer (up to 2XL), $22-24 | Femfetti

Its 1970s vibe means this vintage ringer T would have fit in well in the early days of Pride parades.

5. Woke Up Gay Again (up to size 3X unisex), $24 | Slothshirts

Oops. It just keeps happening, I swear.

6. Sashay Six Feet Away (up to 3X), $25 | Marchforthemovement

Okay, okay. RuPaul isn’t not problematic. But you’ve got to admit this Drag Race motif is catchy. And it’s perfect for Pride during a pandemic.

7. Tie-dye Rainbow Flag Stripes (up to 6X), $16-21 | TwistedPride

Because it’s hip—or should we say hippie—to be proud.

8. Queer & Proud (up to 3X), $25.50 | FabulouslyFeminist

Take a break from the preeminent rainbow aesthetic with these complementary hues and lovely floral design. This one’s a little bit more cottagecore, a little bit more understated.

9. Proud Ally (up to 4X), $20-24 | Unicornia

You don't have to be queer to celebrate Pride. Show your support for LGBTQIA+ communities with a Proud Ally shirt (just don't forget that allyship is more than fashion; you should be doing the work, too)

10. Pocket Pride Flag (up to 2X), $19 | SuperFunkyTees

Chances are, if you’re reading this article you enjoy a cuffed sleeve. This shirt has a minimalist design with a simple

11. L-O-V-E (up to 3X), $20 | 3xWishs

Everyone who lives, laughs, and loves can do it with pride now too! Tie this shirt at the bottom for a new summer staple in rainbow.

12. Pantone Gay (up to 3X), $25-28 | NotSoCouture

For the graphic design-obsessed (or if you want to look like you know more about art than you actually do), this t-shirt uses Pantone swatches for the colors of the Pride flag.

13. Rainbow muscle tank top (up to 2XL), $20 | DentzDenim

Level up the gayness of your at-home-workout with this sleeveless rainbow T.


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