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Best CBD Products for Your Wellness Routine

Our picks for the best products in CBD, packed with fine print to help you choose the ones that are best for you.

CBD oil, found in cannabis and hemp plants, shifted from taboo-by-association to a position of wellness power use, now legal in more than 90 percent of the United States.

CBD is used for pain treatment, available now as a supplement, topical, edible and spray form, in pharmacy chains and rural convenience stores. Small-scale startups are in the game and big businesses are producing products to help people — and their pets — manage pain without prescription pills.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about CBD, of course, and wouldn’t have been the last even before COVID-19. For some, working from home is the new norm and for many, anxiety is ever-present. Alternative pain management and wellness tips may help explain all the options available to those seeking self-care at this vulnerable moment.

If you’re looking for a way to work CBD into your wellness routine, check out the different methods and brands below.

1. For your pets

Pain, inflammation, and seizures in pets are said to be treatable with CBD. CBD Living, a California-based company has fair trade, organically grown products for pets that come in capsules, formulas, chews, tinctures, and topicals like shampoo, oil, and salves. If you’re looking to nix your dog’s bad breath, they’ve got a spray for that too.

CBD Living

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2. If you're all about skincare

Even skincare fanatics can get in on the CBD trend. Cannabidiol skincare is “more like a vitamin” to treat dry skin and eczema and has been shown to effectively treat and prevent acne. There are several products available to both nourish and heal your skin. All these brands are upfront about every ingredient in its products.




CBD Medic

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3. Gummies, for those with a sweet side

CBD gummies are an option for those who don’t take kindly to pills, tincture, or other internal methods — or adults who like candy. Charlotte’s Web, a popular family-owned business, sells gummies made from whole-plant hemp extract to aid sleep, bring calm, or ease exercise recovery. The ingestibles are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and free from dyes or color additives.

Charlotte's Web

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4. For those who vape or smoke

Quant Vapor creates chic products for those who wish to vape CBD in flower or oil form. The rechargeable vapes are available in a platinum color or rubberized black or white matte, and offer temperature control and a mouthpiece designed to protect a user’s lips. Smoking CBD buds can be done too with bubbler and water pipe attachments for those looking to give their smoking experience a nod to a traditionally THC-centric form.

Quant Vapor

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5. Topicals are available for treating individual areas on the body with CBD

CBD topicals don’t enter the bloodstream but instead offer temporary benefits to wherever applied and relief for skin disorders, pain, and inflammation in muscles and joints.

CBDMedic is a good place to start for those interested in trying this method as they specialize in topical CBD medications in stick, lotion, ointment, and cream form, including an athlete relief recovery pack just released with recently retired football star Rob Gronkowski.

CBD Medic

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6. Tincture form is a classic way to take CBD

Ingesting tincture or oil is an easy, smokeless way to take CBD. Tincture is usually taken directly via a few drops under the tongue because that area of the mouth boasts quick onset due its arterial blood supply, but can be diluted in water, juice, or tea.

Joy Organics offers a full line of of tinctures, including flavored options. The brand’s hemp is grown in the United States and their products are broad spectrum, or geared to treat a wide of issues.

Joy Organics


7. Snacking on CBD food is one way to go

Hawaiian brand Mana Artisan Botanics offers CBD-infused honey and hemp dark chocolate with local sea salt, sweet treats for those who wish to incorporate it into snacks or meals. Its small-batch organic Lehua and Wilelaiki honey is also locally-sourced and perfect for toast or to add to yogurt.

Mana Artisan Botanics

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8. CBD and essential oils make a topical application smell great, too

Essential oils are concentrated extractions derived from beneficial herbs, roots, flowers, and other organic materials. When paired with CBD, these blends are another way to apply cannabinoids topically. Essential oil scents are shown to impact wellness too — lavender, for example, is a great relaxation aid.

REBotanicals has a full line of organic blends that pair CBD with essential oils derived from whole plant extracts from peppermint, lavender, ginger and lime, among others. The brand is committed to toxin-free CBD products and explains the importance of clean soil, oil, and botanicals, like essential oils, on site.


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